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EGR Clean Screen Carbon Filters

Klean Screen Carbon Filters

Check EGR systems when MIL codes indicate a low EGR flow and install Klean Screen Carbon Filters to prevent carbon fouling of the EGR valve and passages. Failure symptoms include stalling and a rough idle from your vehicle. Klean Screen Carbon filters catch and filter out carbon particles in the EGR system that cause stalling and rough idle.

GM Linear EGR Gasket
Part #2-1357—$12.95
Ford PFE Kit
Part #2-1378—$12.50
Ford Sonic EGR Gasket
Part #2-1121—$10.95
Chrysler EGR Gasket
Part #2-1370—$10.95
Ford Sonic EGR Gasket/Basket
Part #2-1371—$11.75
Ford PFE EGR Gasket/Basket
Part #2-1377—$11.75
GM 3.8 Linear EGR Gasket Gasket/Basket
Part #2-1379—$10.95