SCPI Units & MFI Units

MFI V-6 Unit—Part #306R
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MFI V-8 Unit—Part #308R
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No More Sticking Poppet Valves!
View of MFI Mini Injector Tip

We also carry MFI units which are replacement injectors for the SCPI “Poppet valve” unit which fits both V-6 and V-8 engines. These NEW units will install directly in place of the “poppet valve” style units—no modifications required.

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Pressure Regulator
Part #308P
Fits both SCPI “poppet Style”
and MFI replacement units
GM Linear EGR Gasket
Part #2-1357
with integrated carbon filter
SCPI poppet style injectors
Part #308I
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Both new and reconditioned

SCPI O.E.M. poppet valve style individual injectors and complete units available in both new and rebuilt.